1. yellowxperil:

    i keep finding glitter everywhere leftover from queer punk fest


  2. guerrilleracollectiveie:

    GCIE enjoying Queer Punk Fest <3

  3. guerrilleracollectiveie:

    yesterday at Queer Punk Fest 

  4. every-being-matters:

    I had such an awesome time at the Queer Punk Fest yesterday. It was my first time being in such a non-binary, queer environment and meeting so many unique people and hearing/reading their experiences, stories and poems. I’m slowly starting to go through these zines, and I’m still a bit shocked at how much people go through so often, so relentlessly. I have huge respect for anyone who has been a victim of societal ideals and of twisted individuals who take advantage, yet still carries on, speaks out against this and does their part to spread awareness to try and end this bashing. <3 <3

  5. squadlosangeles:


    lookit these cutie punx,
    SQUAD @ QueerPunkFest 2014

    look at us. how could you not like squad??


  6. squadlosangeles:

    introducing SQUAD’s official tumblr page!

    we chose a pyramid, as opposed to a triangle, to represent us. it symbolizes an ascension in queer discourse, a recognition of intersectional oppressions that are so real for so many of us, a problematizing of assimilationist, white-supremacist lg”bt” politics, and a recentralization of the struggles of the most marginalized queers & trans folx among us.

    let’s keep moving forward and leave no qt behind!
    (well. unless they’re like cops. or pieces of shit. you know what i mean)

    Finally made a SQUAD tumblr page so we can move forward from Queer Punk Fest! Let’s get together to do some rad shit before QPF LA 2015!

  7. yellowxperil:


    look at this ugly phreek

    hey upload your pics from qpf so i can reblog them fools!

  8. heartofartla:

    Tabling at queer punk Fest today had so much fun. Met some cool peeps #heartofart #masks#costume#artfun @smalmond_art



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  10. collectivitea:

    cutie self care thing from queer punk fest today. mine is “sew lace on everything” 💘💕💗

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